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The Official Welsh Guards Museum
Welsh Guards Museum

History of the Collection

The “Welsh Guards Collection” is a unique collection of artifacts and archives depicting and honouring the history of life in the Welsh Guards since the formation in February 1915.

At the request of the people of Wales and supported by King George the V, he ordered the Secretary of State for War Lord Kitchener to raise “ a welsh regiment of foot guards” on the 26th February 1915.

The then Major General household division London District Lieutenant General Sir Francis Lloyd, accepted this challenge and promised to achieve this task so confidently that he said the fifth regiment of foot guards “ The Welsh Guards” would muster on the 27th” and would mount “Kings Guard” Buckingham Palace on their national day of St. David two days later.

Welshmen from the other Guards Regiment were encouraged to transfer, in particular the Grenadiers who had always recruited from Wales, transferred 300 trained NCO’s and Guardsmen in one fell swoop. The first commanding officer Lt. Col. Murray-Thriepland from the Grenadier and the first R.S.M. Stevenson from the Scots. As promised the Welsh Guards mounted Kings Guard Buckingham Palace on March 1st 1915 still wearing the uniforms of their old regiment.

Training commenced at the White City London and a 2nd Training Battalion was housed in the Tower of London. On August 17th 1915 the Battalion, now fully equipped and battle trained wearing their new uniforms and cap badge of the emblem of Wales the leek, marched from the White City to Waterloo Station to embark for France where three months later they were to write their names into the annals of history and win the first of their 21 Battle Honours at Loose.

The Welsh Guards Collection founded 80 years later in 1995 offers education enlightenment, information and hands on activities for all ages to enjoy. With a complete Barrack Room from the 50’s and 60’s an actual Sentry Box from Buckingham Palace and a rebuilt cell from the Guards Depot at Caterham dating back to 1877, visitors are encouraged to wear authentic public duties home service clothing (Bearskin and Tunic and visit exhibitions from the great wars and more recent Iraq.

Every one of the 2000 plus artifacts are authentic and come with individual stories imparted personally by a very capable and enthusiastic team of volunteers all ex serving Welsh Guardsman at your service. We are also proud of offer over 1000 recruit squad photos chronologically catalogued for families and visitors to view at their leisure. This is probably the largest collection of squad photographs of any one regiment anywhere. We offer a photo copying service for those who may have lost all trace of these ancestors.

Situated in Park Hall Countryside Experience near the Market border town of Oswestry, it is within central reach of all the 15 branches of the Welsh Guards Association throughout Wales and England with excellent road and rail services.
The Park Hall Camp was used during the great Wars mainly by the Royal Artillery but during the 60’s and 70’s the Guards Infantry Junior Leaders were stationed here. Lt. Gen. Sir Francis Lloyd charged with the task of forming the Welsh Guards was from Aston Hall, Oswestry and the Regiment‘s first Colonel, Lord Harlech lived in Brogynton Hall, Oswestry.

The Welsh Guards Collection is a unit within the “Park Hall Countryside Experience” a family leisure facility depicting farm and family life down the years with its own indoor arena, animals large and small, outdoor adventure activities, walks, lakes, children’s play areas etc. It has everything for the complete family day outing with special events galas, rallies and shows complimented by a restaurant catering for birthdays and special events.

At the Welsh Guards Collection we have a large stock of regimental memorabilia and souvenirs at competitive prices and for club, associations and groups who are unable to attend during normal hours, private groups or individual tours can always be arranged to suit at no added cost. Just call on 01606 593953 or e-mail.

So why not call in and see us sometime, where we guarantee the friendliest of welcomes and comradeship.

Stan Evans 67


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